The History of Paint

The technical aspect of what we do takes training to understand; however, paint has been around for over 30,000 years with it’s earliest appearance made in caves. The industrial coatings industry made it’s appearance in North American during the Industrial Revolution. However, the first reported paint mill in America was recorded in Boston in the 1700’s by Thomas Child. In 1867, Ohio native D.R. Averill patented the first “ready mixed” paints in the United States.

Because paint was expensive to transport, paint factories began to spring up in industrial parts of the nation in the late 1800’s. The Industrial Revolution created a professionalized paint coat industry. From the Model T Ford all the way to the kitchen stove, paint coatings have played a vital role in America’s history for elongating and extending the life of industrial and structural equipment.

Today, contemporary paint coatings consist of thousands of unique compounds designed to fulfill various paint coating and industrial requirements, ranging from environmentally-sound latex to multi-component finishes used on automobiles.

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