Spear Industrial Coatings was founded in 1976 and has dedicated over 40 years to becoming a leader in the development and management of industrial coatings solutions. We specialize in high quality surface preparation and coatings for storage tanks and vessels, structural steel and industrial equipment. By providing services designed to prevent corrosion, we help clients avoid costly steel repair or replacement.

We have built our business through safe operations, reliability, competitive pricing, quality service and the best employees in the industry. Our professional experts are trained with the latest techniques and technologies while still relying on tried and true values to ensure that every project is finalized with perfection. Our crews have years of hands-on experience and an ambition to exceed expectations.

To assure quality services, our employees are certified in application, product usage, chemical safe handling, and proper surface preparation for maximum adhesion. The Spear team is committed to efficient operations and the highest level of safety standards.

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