Working in Confined Spaces

At Spear Industrial Coatings, we are fully OSHA compliant with written ‘injury and illness’ and ‘heat and illness’ prevention plans, revised every year. Our team receives from 10 to 30 hours in OSHA training. In addition to the OSHA prevention training, our crews are committed to a written drug and alcohol free policy to maintain a professional and drug-free environment. Our employees are committed to the highest level of safety standards and site-specific requirements. We firmly believe that we can conduct our operations in an incident-free environment — all the time, every time.

Our crews are required to wear respiratory protection, as well as protective clothing. The respiratory filters protect the lungs from inhaling toxic gases, vapors, metal, sawdust, or any harmful particles that can be present in a small space. Protective clothing protects from harmful liquids, fire and heat, and keep exposed skin closed off from the outside elements to prevent cuts.

Many of the confined spaces that our crews work in are tanks and tall structures that require reaching extreme heights to do the job. Our crews are trained to operate forklifts, harnesses and arial lifting.

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