Weatherproofing Your Equipment and Structures

Repairs are extremely costly when it comes to industrial structures, equipment, or buildings. While it is highly important to keep up with maintenance, starting with the correct procedures and coatings will make any building last for quite a while. Here are some ways to make your industrial equipment, buildings, tanks, pipes, or structures last:

  • Aim for environments with low humidity. Although there are coatings that can help prevent rusting, starting with the right conditions can help in the long run. Overall, look for neutral climates to store equipment or to build structures/buildings.
  • Damage occurs when water sits for long periods of time and begins to leak. This can cause corrosion and peeling. Avoid water damage by sealing cracks, using non-porous building materials, and find an efficient water run-off. Coat your structure/building/equipment with an anti-corrosion coating.
  • Heat can also be a factor in damaging equipment and structures. The oxidation process occurs in high temperatures with help from sulfur and oxygen that attacks metal surfaces. Insulate properly and protect the exterior with anti-corrosion and heat resistant coatings.

For more information on how Spear Industrial Coatings can help weatherproof your structure, give us a call at 432-606-4093.

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