How to Protect Paint from Extreme Conditions

There’s nothing worse than having a nice paint coat crack, peel, or leak through. Part of what makes a paint coat last has everything to do with durability in extreme conditions such as hail, wind, heat, cold, and water. Here are ways you can protect your paint:


Damage occurs when water sits for long periods of time and begins to leak. This can cause corrosion and peeling. Avoid water damage by sealing cracks, using non-porous building materials, and find an efficient water run-off. An elastomeric coating is a sufficient way to waterproof a surface (click here to learn more about elastomeric coating).

Preventing Corrosion:

To prevent corrosion, a protective coating or lining must be applied to the structural substrate. Two-part epoxy coatings adhere to steel, concrete, masonry, cement, drywall, and are protective against water, heat, and chemicals.

Painting in Correct Conditions:

Avoid painting in direct sunlight or in extreme heat. Oil based paints should be applied when temperatures are above 45 degrees fahrenheit. Latex and acrylic paint should be applied in temperatures above 50 degrees fahrenheit. Also, painting in windy conditions should be avoided.
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